Tumblr Dictionary: First Edition

I made this for the lovely Dom who has just joined tumblr. Hopefully this will help her in her journey to becoming one of us.

Fandom Related


Literally means ‘alternate universe’. This is where you place characters somewhere where they don’t usually belong in canon (see entry for canon) or give them traits they wouldn’t usually posses (i.e. to put them in an alternate universe).

E.g. "I love that Vintage!Klaine (see entry for ___!___) AU."


Used in fandoms to distinguish what is actually real. Refers to what happened in what the fandom or fanfiction is based off of (i.e. the movie, book, tv show, etc.)

E.g. "Omg, I can’t believe that Klaine had sex is canon."


The opposite of canon (see entry for canon). Refers to what happened in fanfiction.

E.g. "It sucks that badboy!Blaine (see entry for ___!___) is only fanon.”


Literally means ‘in character’. Is the opposite of ooc (see entry for ooc)

E.g. "Blaine was really IC in your fic. Kudos."


Literally means ‘original character’. Seen in fanfiction. A character made up by the author. A fanon (see entry for fanon) character.

E.g. Julian and Violet were OC’s in my English assignment.


Literally means ‘out of character’. Used in rp (see entry for rp), fanfiction and even in canon (see entry for canon).

E.g. Severus Snape being portayed as a kind, student-loving, tree-hugging human being. (Thank you urban dictionary)


Literally means ‘one true pairing’. Basically your favourite relationship/pairing.

E.g. "Klaine is my otp."


Literally means ‘role play’. Mostly seen in fandoms.

E.g. I rp as Santana Lopez on my other blog.


Noun - Two characters or people you wish to see together romantically or otherwise.

E.g. Klaine is my favourite ship.

Verb - (to ship) - The action of ‘shipping’ two people is to be emotionally invested in their relationship and wish for them to be together.

E.g. I totally ship Kurt and Blaine.


When one sees this it will be referring to an AU (see entry for AU). The first part will be the AU and the second part (after the !) will refer to the character/pairing/fandom it relates to.

E.g. pirate!kurt, blackswan!brittana, zombie!glee

Non-Fandom Related


Literally means ‘jesus fucking christ’. Used in outburst of ‘feels’ of any kind (i.e. anger, happiness, despair, etc.)

E.g. "Jfc I could’ve died that was so scary!"


Literally means ‘not gonna lie’. It means exactly that.

E.g. "Ngl, I think I just peed my pants a little."


Literally means ‘not safe for work’. This means if it’s something you wouldn’t be looking at at work or school it will be classified as this.

E.g. "I had to tag that post as nsfw because if my boss saw me looking at that I’d be fired."


Literally means ‘swear to god’. Pretty much just means you’re telling the truth (i.e. you’re swearing to god).

E.g. “I s2g I didn’t fart.”


Literally means ‘to be honest’. Something you say before or after saying an honest opinion (most of the time these will be offensive to someone).

E.g. "Tbh I never really got into Merlin."

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