'Field A' Epilogue. (District 12)

I apologise profusely for the late submission due to school and internet issues.

“We did it.” Sydney was smiling brighter than she had since the two had met. Her eyes crinkling at the edges. Her teeth bright and dazzling. She was free. They were free.

“We actually did it!” She called into the nothingness ahead.

Justin smirked at her theatrics, as they drove across the deserted land. There was no doubt in his mind that they would make it out successfully.

Still, he let out a few calls and cheers, buzzing with adrenaline.

He constantly glanced over at Sydney. He watched her dark hair fluttering in the wind. She gripped on to a large machine gun as they drove through the sunset.

It seemed so odd how something so beautiful could blossom even in the darkest of times.

“How long have you waited?” Justin’s voice was quiet, almost lost in the harsh wind.

Sydney’s face fell.

“Too long. Far too long.”

She glanced over toward Justin, their eyes locking for a moment. Not a single glint of concern in her eyes.

They had no idea where they were going.

No idea what they would find.

Whether or not they would even reach their destination.

He wasn’t kidding when he said they would die trying.

They weren’t sure what the future held for them.

But in that moment Justin was certain they would make it through together.

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