Daltonverse Fic: Under the cut - Tweedlecest [Posting because Annabelle convinced me to]

Title: Tweedles Drabble
Paring: Tweedles (Ethan and Evan Brightman)
Rating: T
Warnings: Twincest
A/N: Tweedlecest drabble I wrote a while back.
It’s not much a) because I’ve been busy and haven’t really had time to write and b) because I can’t write smut so I stop before anything really happens (seriously their just kind of making out I guess).

The words had barely left his mouth before he was silenced completely by another pair of lips attached to his. Ethan didn’t even hesitate before kissing back hungrily and fiercely. Evan moving to straddle his twin’s hips. Ethan’s hands flew to grab his brothers hip bones and gripped them tightly. Leaning down Evan began to move his mouth down Ethan’s jaw line all the way to his neck. He kissed down his neck, taking his time on each space of perfect skin. He finally reached the spot where the neck and shoulder met and began to suck hard, leaving his mark on his brother. Ethan moaned as Evan continued to suck on the skin there. Evan moved his lips slightly left, leaving another hickey, before moving to the right and leaving another one there and again and again each time Ethan tried to contain his moans of pleasure. Evan had lay down practically on top of Ethan and rolled over so they were both on their sides facing each other. Their feet were intertwined at the foot of the bed and their arms were wrapped around each others waists. Ethan’s hands tangled in his twins blond hair and pulled slightly as their lips crashed together once more. Instinctively Evan’s hips bucked forward into his brothers, extracting an identical moan from either twin.

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